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Website translations – French, Italian, English, Spanish, German

The translation agency is your contact for website translations in French, Italian, English, Spanish and German. A first-class translator and copywriter will create appealing and unique texts for the content of your website, your advertisement and for your online shop. 

High-quality website translations for more visibility and high customer frequency

Translating your website into a foreign language such as French, Italian, English, Spanish or German increases cross-border attention to your services and products. International companies benefit from a new sales market and expansion of business abroad.

The website translation paves the way to successful internationalisation that will promote your company and product portfolio across borders.

Translations adapted to the international customer and market situation

To ensure that the business concept also works abroad, a reliable website translation is the first step in the right direction. Every market works differently and every country has its own framework conditions.

The professional translator for website translations carries out a specific analysis of the texts to be translated and the customer and market situation of the respective country at the beginning in order to be able to carry out a successful translation. This method produces quality texts that reflect your service and product in a unique way abroad.

Successful website translations through intelligent localisation

A good website translation always involves a localisation process. It is hardly possible to rely on a simple word-to-word translation or machine translation if you want to successfully promote your business abroad. The cultural characteristics of the respective country are analysed and the new text is tailored to the new consumer. The competitive situation on the Internet is observed in order to be able to check for equivalent terminology and the use of advanced technical terms.     

What types of text are used in website translations?

A website consists of a varying number of web pages in a logical structure. When a website translation is commissioned, the translation therefore concerns several web pages, which usually have a different function.

It can be the translation of a landing page or a blog. If it concerns a blog in WordPress, it can be the translation of categories, subcategories, posts or pages.

In the case of online shops, the translation often concerns the navigation structure, the product description, the terms and conditions, the GDPR and the terms of delivery.