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Translation of annual reports

When translating annual reports and financial statements, it is necessary to understand the basics of economic relationships and accounting. This is the only way to ensure an optimal translation of the technical text on a professional level. The translator must strike the right note for clear, precise and transparent text formulation. He researches the relevant technical terminology skillfully and works conscientiously and with concentration. After all, the reader of the translated report wants to find a text that is easy to read and contains reliable key figures. Ideally, it does not give the impression that the text is a translation.

High-quality translation of annual reports and annual financial statements for companies

The business development and the current situation of a company is decisive for external and internal financial communication. This report enables financial professionals to accurately determine the current value of the company. The report cannot simply be written without prior consideration. A style is conceived that reflects the identity of the company. The author has to consider some aspects so that the text becomes a meaningful added value. First a concept with a comprehensible text structure must be set up. It may have relevant graphics that expertly highlight the current text passage. Furthermore, it makes sense that the language style is easy to understand. The written must be easily comprehensible for the reader and individual contents must be quickly retrievable. If the annual report is later translated into the other language, this also leads to a homogeneous translation.  

What exactly is an annual report?       

An annual report shows information about the course of business of a company within a fiscal year. The letter to the shareholders, the management report, the balance sheet and the profit and loss account of a company are part of the annual financial statement. The general economic situation of the company and its strategy can also be discussed. Parallels to the situation of the industry and the competition can be clearly seen. – your professional translator for GermanEnglishFrenchSpanishItalian

The annual report is addressed to all parties involved in the company. On the one hand there are investors such as banks and shareholders, on the other hand there are employees, suppliers, customers and interested companies. If the company is active across borders, the translation of the annual report is a decisive tool for the precise communication of information.  

The translation of annual reports and financial statements is mainly required by companies, banks, insurance companies, service companies and enterprises. They come from industry, wholesale and retail. The annual report is symbolically speaking the calling card in international business transactions and therefore a sensitive and costly factor. After all, positive corporate communication is the decisive link in successful marketing.