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Translation of the website

The translation of the website is a discipline that presents the translator with a twofold challenge. The translated texts must meet the requirements of the source language and provide the reader with the necessary information. But search engines such as Google also want to benefit from the newly created content.

Who wants to have their websites translated?

Operators of online shops and websites all have a common goal. They want to increase the number of visitors and obtain a conversion rate that is as promising as possible. To achieve this, there are a variety of marketing solutions in the online and e-commerce sector. Another possibility to reach many new readers and potential customers in a short time is the translation of websites. Contents offered in a single language are rarely perceived outside the usual language area. For this reason, high-quality language versions of the website and online shop offer a greater reach of the information offered across national borders.

Translating websites from French into German

France is a highly developed European industrial country and ranks among the sixth largest economies due to its continuously growing gross domestic product. It maintains a modern economy and is one of Germany’s most important economic partners.

Translating websites from Italian into German

Italy has the third largest economy in the euro area. While industry forms the necessary basis for economic success in the north of the country, agriculture forms the basis for economic success in the south. As an important wine-growing country, it has a large number of different wine-growing regions and produces agricultural products such as cheese, pasta, tomatoes and olive oil. The industrial achievements can be seen largely in mechanical engineering and in the production of vehicles, pharmaceuticals, textiles and clothing. 

Translating websites from Spanish into German

Spain has been a member of the European Economic Community since 1986 and, like all the other countries of the Monetary Union, has had the euro as its currency since 2002. The country on the Iberian Peninsula is one of the twelfth largest economies in the world. Important economic services are provided by services such as tourism, manufacturing and agriculture.   

Translating websites from English into German

England has a liberalized economy, which is strongly oriented towards the rules of the free market. The British generate the third highest gross domestic product in Europe after Germany and France. Financial services are becoming increasingly important in the UK economy. Thus, the capital London has become an important location for foreign exchange trading and plays a decisive role as an international financial centre.

Your professional translator for the translation of the website

The translation agency has many years of experience in translating websites and online shops. The professional translator of French, Italian, Spanish, English and German understands how to adapt the translated text to the linguistic subtleties of the target text. In addition, his expertise as an experienced SEO writer is an advantage that will also be rewarded by search engines.

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