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Translation in the field of medicine

Translating medical texts is a discipline that requires basic language and subject-specific knowledge. It requires a very precise work process and is based on a clearly worded text generation. At the translation agency you will find your reliable translator for medical translations, medical documentation, research and scientific literature.

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Expertise and experience in using the terminology provide the basis for high-quality medical translation. The translated text reflects the content of the source text, incorporating precise terminology research and preserving the logical text structure. A translation process developed over years ensures a high-quality translation service covering a wide range of medical specialties.

Expertise through know-how and experience for your translation in the field of medicine

Medical translations such as findings, referrals, doctor’s reports and laboratory reports, clinical trials and product descriptions can be an important tool for clinics and physicians. Especially if a patient is discharged from a clinic abroad and further treated in another country like Germany. In this case, a reliable translation of the referral for the attending physician is a great advantage. However, a specific examination such as certain laboratory examinations or X-rays may also be a reason to mandate a professional translator.

Medical translations can be offered in the following languages: French, Italian, English, Spanish and German

The prerequisite for a translation in the field of medicine is therefore always given when several doctors treat a patient and the medical report and the anamnesis in another language is needed. Experienced specialist translators who have well-founded foundations in medicine are used. They are proficient in the use of the many medical terms necessary to describe the examination and medical history. If the language expert can understand not only the language but also the clinical picture of the patient, he can of course create a more accurate translation of the medical writing.

You have medical records that you would like to translate into German from French, Italian, English or Spanish? Just send me your documents via the contact form. You will receive a non-binding offer within a short time.