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Pharmaceutical translation – French, Italian, English, Spanish and German

Your company is active in the pharmaceutical sector and is looking for a professional translator for reliable pharmaceutical translation? Then you have found your contact for the languages French, Italian, English, Spanish and German through the translation agency Rely on a specialised translator for your scientific texts of medicines, drugs and supplements.

Professional pharmaceutical translation for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical translation is entrusted to pharmaceutical translators who are experts in their field in two respects. On the one hand, they must have profound linguistic skills in order to understand and correctly interpret the complicated foreign-language texts. On the other hand, they should have a profound knowledge of pharmacy, medicine and chemistry in order to ensure familiarity with the terminology and technical terms. The translator for pharmacy has acquired his specialist knowledge through training at a technical school or university and can look back on many years of experience, which gives him the necessary expertise.

Discretion and trust in the translation of scientific texts

Pharmacy translation requires conscientious and precise work in addition to linguistic and technical knowledge. The pharmaceutical sector requires a particularly attentive approach and sensitive handling of data. The professional translator for pharmaceutical texts in French, Italian, English, Spanish and German must provide a high level of quality. A reliable pharmaceutical translation succeeds through a confident command of the source language, the target language and the scientific vocabulary. International pharmaceutical companies have been benefiting from the proven translation process of the translation agency for years. You too can rely on an expert pharmaceutical translator and place your documents to be translated in professional hands.

The following pharmaceutical texts will find their way to a professional translator:

Scientific, clinical and pharmaceutical studies, patient information, articles from pharmaceutical journals, patent applications, safety data sheets, manuals, instructions for use, patient surveys, test reports, indications and cures.

The translation agency offers pharmaceutical translation for the following language combinations:
  • French-German-French
  • Italian-German-Italian
  • English-German-English
  • Spanish-German-Spanish

Would you like to have your pharmaceutical documents translated? The translation agency will make you an individual and transparent offer.