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English-German translation of terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are nowadays indispensable in business life. They constitute pre-formulated terms and conditions of the contract between two parties when entering into a contract. Its aim is to simplify, stabilize and unite the conclusion of the treaty for both sides. At the international level, they unify the foundations of business relationships and clarify the legal relationships of foreign contractors. Through the technical translation of the terms and conditions again one language is spoken. If the English-German translation of terms and conditions is required, companies turn to experienced English translators with expertise and the necessary know-how.

In modern times, the use of the Internet is to obtain information about products and services. The only barrier is still the language, apart from the understanding and interpretation of general and legal terms. If the Internet user has found the desired product or service abroad, for example in Great Britain or in Germany, the basic conditions for purchasing or using the service often remain opaque. More and more companies are becoming aware of this obstacle and contact a suitable English-German translator to help eliminate this problem.

Translation of the terms and conditions – for the satisfied customer and a transparent purchase

The information opportunities on the Internet are almost endless, provided you understand the language of the texts in which they were written. Which customer does not feel comfortable on a website whose contents and navigation steps seem immediately familiar to him? Under this impression, a positive relationship is established quickly and barriers to the contract conclusion are eliminated.

A professional translation of contract texts such as the English-German translation of terms and conditions, factoring contracts, leasing contracts or franchise agreements is indispensable in order to successfully position the company in the international market. The translations of texts of this kind must be formulated in an easily comprehensible manner and reproduce the content of the source text as accurately as possible. The translation of terms and conditions makes only sense if the legal content of the text has been reproduced in detail.

A high-quality and reliable contract translation is a crucial factor for the success of the international business relations and forms the basis for the recognition by the customer. Tangible and transparent contractual clauses are created for the foreign reader who, under these conditions, will be prepared to use the found offer or service.

English-German translation of terms and conditions for companies and websites

Websites, online shops or web shops, which are internationally oriented and seek their sales with foreign customers, benefit from the translation of the general terms and conditions. For bilingual websites such as English and German, a proficient English-German translation is a decisive advantage for starting and maintaining a positive international business relationship.

Do you need a German translation of the terms and conditions? Via the contact form you are only one step away from your non-binding offer.

I will gladly prepare a high quality English-German translation of terms and conditions, contract and mandatory information for your company and website.

The translation of the mandatory information may be the translation of terms of delivery, shipping costs, consumer’s rights of revocation and guarantees.

If you want to build the most positive and long-lasting relationship with the customer, a clear presentation of this information is important. The terms of delivery and shipping costs should be separately presented in addition to the terms and conditions and easily accessible on your website.