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SEO translation

SEO translation for the successful multilingual website

The SEO translation is the optimized translation for websites whose target texts are prepared for search engine optimization (SEO = search engine optimization). As a result, multilingual websites can be found better via specific search terms in the search engines. This marketing method opens new sales markets abroad, increases the number of new users of the website and thus provides additional customers and prospects for a company’s product or service.

SEO translation for a unique content in multiple languages

The creation of a unique content is a very successful marketing strategy for an optimal ranking in the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Co. Of course, the SEO translation differs from an ordinary technical translation such as the translation of an instruction manual. The contents of the translation and the text structure are processed as uniquely as possible in order to obtain optimal visibility of the website in the search engines. These are thus translated advertising texts that originate from foreign-language advertising texts and are aimed at a specific target group.

Who needs an SEO translation for multilingual content?

Companies, administrators and operators of websites and online shops benefit from multilingual websites that have been compiled and structured in a search engine optimized manner. But also, many business and private individuals, self-employed and freelancers recognize more and more the benefits of a website that is available to the user in several language versions. An expert translation of the search engine optimized content and the SEO texts thus creates added value for all interested parties of continuously growing websites and online shops.

The SEO translation in French and German

The French translator for SEO texts translates from French into German SEO-related content. He works out a selected target text, the appropriate key words, key terms relevant to the topic, and he pays attention to the current context and background of what has been written.

The SEO translation in Italian and German

Of course, the Italian translator for SEO texts deals with Italian-language content in SEO translation. He also analyzes and develops appropriate text design methods to achieve excellent results in search engine rankings.

The SEO translation in Spanish and German

For a search engine optimization translation from Spanish, a Spanish translator for SEO texts is the ideal contact. In addition to the linguistic challenge, he faces the same difficulties in the search engine optimized translation as the French translator and the Italian translator. He must analyze the topic, adapt the content of the country-specific target group and thereby, he creates a serious added value for the new readership.

The SEO translation in English and German

The English translator for SEO texts also identifies an optimized text concept that matches the theme of the product or service. The English-speaking area spans several continents and is listed as an official language in many states. In addition, the English language has a large number of second language speakers who are more and more familiar with English-language content on international websites. However, operators of English websites can further extend this advantage if they also rely on multilingual content. Internet sites in several languages ​​are always an added value and are an ideal way for the operator and the user to disseminate and obtain information.