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Translation of business correspondence

The translation of business correspondence is part of professional communication and corresponds to the professional exchange of internationally active companies. This change of information refers to the discussion and exchange of professional aspects. In most cases, this involves the translation of letters, short messages or e-mails. But even smaller translations, such as those for an appointment or a change of date, are sometimes placed on the desk of a professional translator.

What is the purpose of translating business correspondence?

In cross-border trade, enquiries are made, offers are made, contracts are concluded and uncertainties are eliminated. However, the reason for the business correspondence or business letter can also be a non-executed payment, a comment on the deviating dispatch situation or a report of questionable business conduct. The translator always adheres to the official form when drafting the text and creates a style that leaves the recipient with a good tone and a lasting positive impression.

Translation of business correspondence with style and quality

For the selection of the writing style you should therefore consider the following:

  • Do I write the text bureaucratically or with a personal touch?
  • Do I choose a style with many nouns or do I use verbs?
  • Do short or long texts make more sense?
  • Do I write using many metaphors or am I purely objective?
  • Does the targeted use of technical terms underline my professionalism or do they inhibit the promising effect?

These considerations and the final decision are decisive both when the company produces the original text and when translating business correspondence. For example, it can be a first business contact. In this case, a serious and objective style is used that convinces the future business partner of the business purposes. Writing awakens curiosity and increases interest in the subject. – your reliable translator for GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalian

After choosing the right tone, it is important to observe the official form of the business letter. In general, it concerns the address, the subject line, the intervals and the end of the letter. You should never forget that the appearance of the letter leaves the first impression on the recipient.

If the above points have been considered in the translation of business correspondence, the first steps in the right direction have already been taken. However, it should still be noted that the last impression of a letter has an important influence on how it works. An appealing introduction, compliance with the official form and a friendly and impressive farewell form the ideal framework for an informative and successful business correspondence.

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