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Translation services

Translation servicesI offer professional translations from French, Italian, Spanish and English to German. The following is a summary of my translation services and fields of activity for which I can offer high-quality translations. The style and wording of the target texts are best adapted to the characteristics and features of the source text (economic text, technical text, medical text, legal text etc.). If you also need translations from German to French, Italian, Spanish or English, please contact me via the contact form. I can offer you as soon as possible a personalized offer adapted to your needs.

You only need occasional translations, or you need texts in German, French, Italian and/or Spanish for your online shop, website and web pages? I propose you unique and high-quality texts with an innovative concept of the text elaboration. The written text is optimized for search engines by appropriate keywords. Using a WDF*IDF analysis, relevant keyword terms can also be embedded in the prepared text. This ensures that the text content is found by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and co.

You will find more information about the translation work and the translation service in the field of activity by the corresponding link.

Translation services and fields of activity

Translations: French-German, Italian-German, Spanish-German and English-German

Translations of economic and financial texts

Translations of websites and web pages

Translations of online shops

  • Terms of Sales
  • Payment terms
  • Delivery delay
  • Adwords ads

Translations of legal texts

Translations of marketing and advertising texts

Translations of technical texts

  • Product Descriptions
  • Manuals
  • Data sheets

Translations of medical and pharmaceutical texts (field medicine and pharmacy)

  • Laboratory analyses
  • Medical and scientific reports
  • Articles specialized in medicine
  • Description of pharmaceutical products
  • Medical records

Translations of social and cultural texts (psychology and pedagogy)

  • Websites
  • Documents
  • Magazines of culture
  • Scientific texts

Translations of tourist texts (tourism sector)

  • Tourist attractions
  • Tourist guides
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs

Translations of literary texts

  • General literature
  • Belles-lettres
  • Fiction
  • Magazines