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Translation in the field of pharmacy

The future of internationally active pharmaceutical companies will be shaped by rising sales. The topic of health, nutrition and well-being is en vogue and the global market continues to develop its great potential. The demand for pharmaceuticals, medicines and supplements increases with the provision of basic information about their mode of action and the field of application. Texts about the advantages and disadvantages of the active ingredients and the indication must be prepared and translated for the international market. A pharmaceutical translation is commissioned by pharmaceutical companies that are represented in the respective countries. 

Professional Pharmaceutical Translation for International Companies

Many pharmaceutical companies operate internationally and therefore work together with translators. They translate the pharmaceutical product descriptions for the foreign market. It is the ideal way to advertise the texts of the pharmaceutical and the product in a foreign language. However, an experienced translator with in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical and medical fields is required.

Translation of ingredients and modes of action for the client

Pharmaceutical manufacturers need a precise product description for their medical and pharmaceutical products. This can describe the positive properties, the ingredients, the raw materials and the modes of action. The interested customer receives information about the product and the way in which it can ideally be used. He gets to know the functions and properties and can thus assess the mode of action. A reliable translation creates a larger radius of international customers. This enables them to assess whether the product is suitable for them and meets their expectations. – your translator for EnglishGermanFrenchSpanishItalian

A well written and detailed product description of a medical or pharmaceutical product and the translation should begin with a few introductory sentences. The beginning of the text could, for example, explain the symptoms and causes of a disease or illustrate the idea why this product was developed. It can illustrate the optimal intake and give helpful tips for further use or storage. The translation in the field of pharmacy provides the international customer with an overview of the product right from the start.

Furthermore, the basic ingredients and the positive effect are presented. Information is given on possible product variations and product strengths. Finally, the field of application and the compatibility are dealt with.

In the case of pharmaceutical texts in the multilingual online shop or on the manufacturer’s website, reference can also be made to various tips on alternative products, to independent test reports or to a link to a list of customer reviews.

High-quality translation in the pharmaceutical field requires professional qualifications and expertise

A professional translation of pharmaceutical texts is only possible with comprehensive knowledge of medicine and pharmacy. The translator should be familiar with the basic terms and terminology. Many years of experience and involvement with foreign-language pharmaceutical texts round off the specialist knowledge.