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Translation of the GDPR – French, Italian, English, Spanish, German

You would like to have the GDPR of your website translated and are looking for an experienced language expert for this? The translation agency is your translator for the translation of the GDPR and all texts related to data protection of the languages French, Italian, English, Spanish and German.

The reliable translation for processing personal data on your website

The General Data Protection Regulation is a European Union measure that regulates the processing of personal data. It has been in force since 25 May 2019 and is a mandatory part of the website of companies and public bodies from that date. This means that the framework will be visible on any company website and will detail the rights of consumers. The unified text is also becoming increasingly important on multilingual websites. Website administrators are looking for well-versed translators who know legal translations. They create greater scope for the internationalisation of your marketing activity and more transparency for your visitors and consumers.

The translation of the GDPR in French, Italian, English, Spanish and German.

The translation of the General Data Protection Regulation means for international companies the possibility to provide foreign consumers with information about the processing of personal data. They thereby create a high level of trust for the consumer and harmonisation of data traffic for the company. They can expand their European business model and make a major contribution to IT security.   

Which texts are taken into account in the translation of the GDPR?

The purpose of this kind of legal translation is to inform the foreign customer about the processing of their personal data. For this purpose, specialised translation agencies are used who are experts in website and legal translation. They produce GDPR-compliant translations for international companies and multilingual websites that offer a high textual quality and convey to the reader a secure and confidential handling of their data. The RGPD contents are texts concerning the responsible body in terms of the Data Protection Act, the rights of the consumer, the collection of website visit information, the contact form, the use of web analytics services and other cookies and tracking methods.

You have questions about the translation of your GDPR and would like to receive a non-binding offer? I look forward to receiving your enquiry.