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Translation of the press release

The translation of the press release is an essential factor in ensuring that a foreign-language press release can appeal to certain journalists as a target group in the respective country.

The press release is an ideal way for companies to get information about their latest innovations and developments out to the public through the press. The texts serve to publish new products, events or developments. They are part of public relations work and explain the progressive products and innovations as objectively as possible.

The translation of the press release in relation to advertising

A press release clearly distinguishes itself from advertising purposes, as it was written not for the end customer but for journalists. The aim is to make data, key figures and facts interesting and to activate readers’ interest in the company or the product. The press release from a professional writer has an objective style and a serious layout. It can also be refined with statistics, images or graphics. If the press release is a blog on the Internet, further links on the page and in the text can also be integrated.

Are press releases different? And if so, how can a fast and broad publication be achieved?

Every artist who has completed his painting will then look for a suitable framework to create a remarkable aesthetic relationship. Thus the expression of the painting is increased and the first glimpses of the observer are captured.

The parable can also be applied to the creation of texts such as press releases. A detailed press release is the actual core of the writing, but the attention of the journalist is only awakened at the beginning when the whole thing leaves an attractive first impression.

If the reader’s attention has been attracted by the appealing frame, the text concept should also encourage the reader to continue working with the text after a short flyover. It must be written objectively and without imperatives and superlatives.  

The professional translation of press texts – English – German – French – Spanish – Italian

A professional translation of the press release must capture the objectivity and determination of the source text and demonstrate a high degree of seriousness. The enlightening text should go hand in hand with the journalistic nature of the source text. If the translator is aware of this concept, the new text is also a success for the company’s public relations and PR activities abroad.

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