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Law translation – French, Italian, English, Spanish, German

Are you looking for a suitable translator with relevant professional experience for your legal documents and texts? Then you have found your experienced linguist for precise and reliable law translation for French, Italian, English, Spanish and German at the translation agency

Professional legal translation for companies and private individuals

Multilingual agreements set the framework for the international exchange of two business partners in many economic fields. Law translation creates the necessary trust and regulates legal regulations, judgements and criminal proceedings on a cross-border level. The translation of legal documents is a very demanding area of language mediation. It poses an enormous challenge for the translation agency and the translator. In addition to the linguistic skills in his profession, he must demonstrate excellent legal knowledge and an excellent handling of the relevant legal concepts.  

The cultural peculiarities in the processing of a law translation

Every country, whether France, Italy, England, Spain or Germany, has its own legal system and its own legal interpretation. Even if many legal terms are standardised, the dynamics of jurisprudence mean that new terms are constantly being found that seek their equivalent in the other language. This is precisely the challenge for the legal translator. He analyses the text to be translated and finds the equivalent terminology through targeted research in glossaries and on the Internet. The language expert knows the cultural subtleties of the respective country and can thus create a legal paraphrase that corresponds to the meaning of the source text.

The translation agency provides your professional translator for reliable legal translations.

Your translation agency knows the sensitivity of legal documents and papers. Therefore, the discreet handling of legal texts is one of the maxims of’s efficient working methods. Your texts are in trustworthy hands and the high-quality law translation will certainly facilitate the understanding of contract interpretation by your international business partner.  

The following law translations find their way to a professional translation agency:

  • All types of contracts such as the sales contract, contract for work and services, commercial contract, rental contract, etc.
  • Criminal records, judgments and transcripts from the courts
  • Court documents, summonses and notarial deeds
  • General terms and conditions
  • Texts on the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Extract from the register of companies and firms, articles of association