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Are you looking for a professional translator to translate your documents, files and other materials from French to German? Well, then: Welcome to the website of your translation agency

Your translation agency for French to German is a translation agency for the language combination French and German, operating in a wide range of fields and sectors. The language services translator translates economic, technical, commercial and legal documents and texts.

Linguistic dexterity and technical know-how for your translation

A professional French to German translator has outstanding skills in translating his or her languages. He has an excellent knowledge of the culture, economic relations and individual characteristics of people in countries such as France and Germany. He is also an expert in his field of expertise such as medicine, tourism, balance sheets, gastronomy, websites, etc. He has acquired his specialist knowledge through relevant training at a technical college or university and/or through many years of professional experience.

High quality and reliable responsiveness

The translation agency for French to German has developed an individual working method in order to offer a high-quality and outstanding translation. The optimized translation process allows the text to be quickly adapted to the customer’s wishes and also enables us to respond quickly and easily to any request. Customer satisfaction is a particular concern of the French to German translator at With every assignment, he aims to provide a high quality translation. One way of achieving this is to maintain direct contact with the translator and to maintain the human relationship, which takes place throughout the entire duration of the project.

Professional French to German translation: a speciality of the translation agency

A good French to German translation consists of creating an equivalent target text from a transmitted source text. This does not involve a simple word-to-word translation that only aims to achieve identical content. Rather, a text is created in another language that takes into account the cultural subtleties of the source and target texts and is tailored to the future reader. The relevant terminology of the subject area, such as law or medicine, is taken into account and the technical terms are rendered in a factual and easily understandable way.