Contract translation – French, Italian, English, Spanish, German

The translation agency is your partner for contract translation and successful contract conclusion on an international level. Rely on a competent translator for French, Italian, English, Spanish and German and on high-quality texts for the purchase contract, leasing contract, rental contract, contract for work and all other types of agreements and settlements.

Reliable contract translation in the legal field

International agreements are becoming increasingly important in the context of global corporate strategies. The increase in cross-border contracting is creating a real challenge for translation agencies and translators offering legal translation services. In the corporate and private spheres, contract translation is constantly on the rise because of the dynamism of the international labour market. The translation agency stands for reliability and discretion in the context of your contract translation and looks back on many years of experience in the preparation of contractual translations.

Legal translation in the field of contracts and agreements: the supreme discipline of a translator

The professional translation of a contract is a twofold challenge. On the one hand, the translator must have an in-depth understanding of foreign-language legal texts. Secondly, advanced skills in combining legal terminology are necessary in order to produce consistent terminology on both linguistic sides. Furthermore, each country such as France, Italy, Spain, England or Germany has its own legal system, which are more or less distant from each other. The translator for the contract is therefore faced with a difficult task. He or she must create an equivalent translation to the original text, which is in line with the legal terminology of both countries.

The translation agency – For the international adaptation of your contract text

Contract translation is the transfer of legal texts into another language. International companies or private individuals concluding agreements for foreign contractual partners rely on the work of a professional translator in the legal field. He analyses the relevant legal terms and finds a suitable expression or equivalent description in the other language. In this way, the foreign-language contracts can be optimally harmonised. The result is a contract text that creates trust and can help the international business relationship to succeed.  

The following translations in the field of international contracts are made by translators of the languages French, Italian, English, Spanish and German:

Purchase contract, rental contract, leasing contract, contract for work, service contract, loan contract, donation contract, loan agreement, lease agreement, partnership agreement, etc.

Business translation – French, Italian, English, Spanish, German

At your translation agency you will find your reliable translation partner for business and finance and all areas of trade, industry and commerce. You can rely on the many years of professional experience in the language sector of your translator for French, Italian, English, Spanish and German.

Specialist translation for business by an expert translator

Business translations are one of the major branches of the professional translation industry. Along with technical translation, business translation is one of the basic areas of language study and is offered by many language universities or language academies. In addition to special linguistic skills, the professional business translator must have a profound basic knowledge of economics. If he or she works as a freelance translator or in a permanent position for a international company, many years of professional experience in the field round off his knowledge, which is constantly deepened through daily work. This results in quality texts on which international business and its associated companies can build.

Discretion and confidentiality in business and finance translations

Most business texts are sensitive data that require respectful handling. The translator at who deals with the translation of business documents is aware of this requirement. Thanks to many years of professional experience, technical expertise and outstanding linguistic skills, he is able to offer quality translations that companies operating across borders can rely on.

What economic texts are used in business and finance translation?

Specialist translation for the business sector covers a wide range of different texts. The most common types of texts to be translated are contracts, the balance sheet, general terms and conditions, the website, the GDPR, business correspondence and products or services. Whatever type of text is to be translated, the translation agency always endeavours to provide the customer with high-quality translations of French, Italian, English, Spanish and German. The transmitted document is analysed in detail before the translation and checked for the feasibility of the translation. This shows whether a translation is possible at all or whether it makes sense. The customer then receives a transparent quotation with price, delivery date and delivery format.

The translation agency stands for quality, dynamism and reactivity and is proud to assist companies, freelancers and private individuals with the translation of their business documents.

Translation of websites

The Internet is growing through its information content and multilingual content is gaining more and more attention from businesses and website operators. The translation of websites provides cross-border content. This increases the number of readers and, in parallel, the ranking in the search engines. Internet users in other countries are reached and the content of the websites is made available to several people.

The translation of websites for the enhancement of your own content

The international dissemination of information increases the added value of websites. At some point, every administrator asks himself why he only wants to reach readers in his own country. Translating content into several languages is the best way to reach readers from abroad. However, it is important to ensure that the translation is of the right quality. Many website operators rely on simple machine translation. It offers no real added value and is quickly uncovered by the reader.  The value of the content in another language can only be increased if a professional translator and SEO writer is hired.   

A professional translation of websites and their content is important for website operators who also want to present their offers and services to people in other countries and provide information.

Web pages are one or more HTML documents that together form a website. They can be accessed with the help of an Internet browser and the corresponding URL (Internet address). Tools for the layout and for other extensions of the website are e.g. CSS and PHP. – your website translator for German, English, French, Spanish and Italian

An experienced translator is required so that the interested party can stay on the website for a long time and can also use the information. These are people who translate the content of the text into the other language in compliance with certain SEO criteria. Machine translation of web pages provides only useless results with inadequate technical terminology and keywords. Particularly in the case of in-depth content such as the translation of a user manual, a contract or the general terms and conditions, the statements made in the translation can no longer be used. 

Language versions through a professional translation of websites for an international readership

If you rely on the work of a professional translator, you will build up a large readership and thus considerably expand your clientele. After all, the success of a website depends on the number of visitors and the quality of the information provided.

Are you interested in translating the content of your website? Or would you like more information on the subject of website translation? Contact me via the contact form. You will receive an answer to your request within a short time.

Translation in the field of tourism

The travel industry is booming and tourism is experiencing a growing rise at home and abroad. The number of overnight stays in the hotel and restaurant industry confirms that international guests are increasingly drawn to faraway places. The continuing positive development is also associated with a wide range of products and services. For the international tourism industry it is very important that the range of services also speaks the language of the guest. Therefore the reliable translation in the field of tourism and tourist texts is an important factor.   

With a turnover of about 623 million dollars, tourism is one of the largest economic sectors today. The word tourism has its origin in the French language, in which the noun “le tour” means “trip” or “wandering”.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) defines tourism as “the activities of a person who travels for less than a specified period to a place outside his or her usual environment, the main purpose of which is other than the pursuit of an activity remunerated from the place visited“.

Attractive translation in the field of tourism for the Internet

We have all been able to make diverse experiences with international and national tourism. The experiences often remain with us for years to come and the photo album or the pictures on the smartphone and tablet are a memento worth seeing. Provided, of course, that the right trip with the right accommodation could be found in the multitude of offers. If the service does not meet the hoped-for expectations, the disappointment is naturally great.   

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Who needs a translation in the field of tourism and travel?

The tourism and travel industry as well as all tourist providers who want to address foreign-language tourists and visitors from abroad are expanding their customer base with a professional translation of their offers and services. They thus increase the overnight stays of international guests, which increase the turnover of the catering and hotel industry and strengthen the region as well as their image.     

Terms such as art and culture, leisure and recreation also belong to the field of tourism translation. Tourism marketing plays a decisive role in bringing this need for quality to the traveller. Thus, the traveller’s attention and interest in the offered trip and sights are won.

On an international level, a clear and unambiguous translation of the services and cultural offers is crucial in order to convince and win customers both now and in the future.

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Translation in the field of pharmacy

The future of internationally active pharmaceutical companies will be shaped by rising sales. The topic of health, nutrition and well-being is en vogue and the global market continues to develop its great potential. The demand for pharmaceuticals, medicines and supplements increases with the provision of basic information about their mode of action and the field of application. Texts about the advantages and disadvantages of the active ingredients and the indication must be prepared and translated for the international market. A pharmaceutical translation is commissioned by pharmaceutical companies that are represented in the respective countries. 

Professional Pharmaceutical Translation for International Companies

Many pharmaceutical companies operate internationally and therefore work together with translators. They translate the pharmaceutical product descriptions for the foreign market. It is the ideal way to advertise the texts of the pharmaceutical and the product in a foreign language. However, an experienced translator with in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical and medical fields is required.

Translation of ingredients and modes of action for the client

Pharmaceutical manufacturers need a precise product description for their medical and pharmaceutical products. This can describe the positive properties, the ingredients, the raw materials and the modes of action. The interested customer receives information about the product and the way in which it can ideally be used. He gets to know the functions and properties and can thus assess the mode of action. A reliable translation creates a larger radius of international customers. This enables them to assess whether the product is suitable for them and meets their expectations. – your translator for EnglishGermanFrenchSpanishItalian

A well written and detailed product description of a medical or pharmaceutical product and the translation should begin with a few introductory sentences. The beginning of the text could, for example, explain the symptoms and causes of a disease or illustrate the idea why this product was developed. It can illustrate the optimal intake and give helpful tips for further use or storage. The translation in the field of pharmacy provides the international customer with an overview of the product right from the start.

Furthermore, the basic ingredients and the positive effect are presented. Information is given on possible product variations and product strengths. Finally, the field of application and the compatibility are dealt with.

In the case of pharmaceutical texts in the multilingual online shop or on the manufacturer’s website, reference can also be made to various tips on alternative products, to independent test reports or to a link to a list of customer reviews.

High-quality translation in the pharmaceutical field requires professional qualifications and expertise

A professional translation of pharmaceutical texts is only possible with comprehensive knowledge of medicine and pharmacy. The translator should be familiar with the basic terms and terminology. Many years of experience and involvement with foreign-language pharmaceutical texts round off the specialist knowledge.

Translation of the contract

The contract and the subsequent translation of the contract consist of an agreement between two or more parties on the regulation of a legal transaction according to the applicable law. The content is based on two concurrent declarations of intent (offer and acceptance). It is carried by at least two persons. If a contract is concluded across borders, a professionally prepared translation of the contract text is required. It is a great advantage for business partners to have a competent translation of the contract and its clauses. The text produced makes business transactions more transparent and the regulation of the contractual relationship can tend to be more trustworthy and clear.

The different types of professional contract translation

Contracts concluded across national borders can take a variety of forms. There are cases in which the award of a contract is subject to an obligation to put it out to tender. This is a public invitation to submit a bid for the specified conditions (delivery conditions, etc.) of the invitation to tender (submission).

European tenders and their access are governed by the Agreement on Government Procurement. There are two different versions. The public tender and the restricted tender. The restricted tender offer limits the number of companies that can submit bids. Public law institutions are usually obliged to submit tenders. However, more and more companies under private law are taking advantage of this possibility. The reasons are usually of an economic nature.           

The reliable translation of the contract plays a decisive role in new and growing business relationships at European and international level.

The translation agency offers the translation of the following contracts:

  • Sales contract
  • Contract of employment
  • Service and work contract
  • Donation contract
  • Rental agreement
  • Guarantee contract
  • etc.

What are the main points to consider when translating the contract?

In a sales contract, the main content consists of the translation of the definition of the object of purchase, such as the movable or immovable object, the translation of the obligations and rights of the buyer and the seller and the correct presentation of the agreed purchase price.

The translation of the employment contract is always necessary if the employee has found his future employer abroad. The content deals with the start of work, working and probation periods, activities and periods of notice, as well as regulations such as leave, bonus agreements, overtime, etc. – your translator for GermanEnglishFrenchSpanishItalian

The service contract and the work contract are regulated differently by law. In the case of a contract for work, the success of an agreed work is owed. In the case of a service contract, only the work performance is contractually agreed. In both cases, the client is obliged to pay the agreed remuneration. As a result, labour law texts also find their way to a professional translator.  

The translation of a rental agreement defines the name and address of the lessor and the lessee. It gives a detailed description of the rented premises and objects and deals with the rental period, the agreed rental price and the distribution of heating and operating costs. In particular, the rights and obligations of the landlord and the tenant (keeping of animals, use of the garden, obligation to provide information, etc.) and the periods of notice constitute an essential part of the professional translation of the contract.

The translation of the guarantee agreement is a legal translation or translation of legal texts and is carried out by translators with a great deal of expertise.     

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Translation of the press release

The translation of the press release is an essential factor in ensuring that a foreign-language press release can appeal to certain journalists as a target group in the respective country.

The press release is an ideal way for companies to get information about their latest innovations and developments out to the public through the press. The texts serve to publish new products, events or developments. They are part of public relations work and explain the progressive products and innovations as objectively as possible.

The translation of the press release in relation to advertising

A press release clearly distinguishes itself from advertising purposes, as it was written not for the end customer but for journalists. The aim is to make data, key figures and facts interesting and to activate readers’ interest in the company or the product. The press release from a professional writer has an objective style and a serious layout. It can also be refined with statistics, images or graphics. If the press release is a blog on the Internet, further links on the page and in the text can also be integrated.

Are press releases different? And if so, how can a fast and broad publication be achieved?

Every artist who has completed his painting will then look for a suitable framework to create a remarkable aesthetic relationship. Thus the expression of the painting is increased and the first glimpses of the observer are captured.

The parable can also be applied to the creation of texts such as press releases. A detailed press release is the actual core of the writing, but the attention of the journalist is only awakened at the beginning when the whole thing leaves an attractive first impression.

If the reader’s attention has been attracted by the appealing frame, the text concept should also encourage the reader to continue working with the text after a short flyover. It must be written objectively and without imperatives and superlatives.  

The professional translation of press texts – English – German – French – Spanish – Italian

A professional translation of the press release must capture the objectivity and determination of the source text and demonstrate a high degree of seriousness. The enlightening text should go hand in hand with the journalistic nature of the source text. If the translator is aware of this concept, the new text is also a success for the company’s public relations and PR activities abroad.

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Translation of business correspondence

The translation of business correspondence is part of professional communication and corresponds to the professional exchange of internationally active companies. This change of information refers to the discussion and exchange of professional aspects. In most cases, this involves the translation of letters, short messages or e-mails. But even smaller translations, such as those for an appointment or a change of date, are sometimes placed on the desk of a professional translator.

What is the purpose of translating business correspondence?

In cross-border trade, enquiries are made, offers are made, contracts are concluded and uncertainties are eliminated. However, the reason for the business correspondence or business letter can also be a non-executed payment, a comment on the deviating dispatch situation or a report of questionable business conduct. The translator always adheres to the official form when drafting the text and creates a style that leaves the recipient with a good tone and a lasting positive impression.

Translation of business correspondence with style and quality

For the selection of the writing style you should therefore consider the following:

  • Do I write the text bureaucratically or with a personal touch?
  • Do I choose a style with many nouns or do I use verbs?
  • Do short or long texts make more sense?
  • Do I write using many metaphors or am I purely objective?
  • Does the targeted use of technical terms underline my professionalism or do they inhibit the promising effect?

These considerations and the final decision are decisive both when the company produces the original text and when translating business correspondence. For example, it can be a first business contact. In this case, a serious and objective style is used that convinces the future business partner of the business purposes. Writing awakens curiosity and increases interest in the subject. – your reliable translator for GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalian

After choosing the right tone, it is important to observe the official form of the business letter. In general, it concerns the address, the subject line, the intervals and the end of the letter. You should never forget that the appearance of the letter leaves the first impression on the recipient.

If the above points have been considered in the translation of business correspondence, the first steps in the right direction have already been taken. However, it should still be noted that the last impression of a letter has an important influence on how it works. An appealing introduction, compliance with the official form and a friendly and impressive farewell form the ideal framework for an informative and successful business correspondence.

The translation agency is your competent partner for the translation of business correspondence, business letters, fax and e-mail, corporate communications, correspondence, communications and business relationships. Rely on an experienced translator for the successful exchange of information within your company. 

Translation of annual reports

When translating annual reports and financial statements, it is necessary to understand the basics of economic relationships and accounting. This is the only way to ensure an optimal translation of the technical text on a professional level. The translator must strike the right note for clear, precise and transparent text formulation. He researches the relevant technical terminology skillfully and works conscientiously and with concentration. After all, the reader of the translated report wants to find a text that is easy to read and contains reliable key figures. Ideally, it does not give the impression that the text is a translation.

High-quality translation of annual reports and annual financial statements for companies

The business development and the current situation of a company is decisive for external and internal financial communication. This report enables financial professionals to accurately determine the current value of the company. The report cannot simply be written without prior consideration. A style is conceived that reflects the identity of the company. The author has to consider some aspects so that the text becomes a meaningful added value. First a concept with a comprehensible text structure must be set up. It may have relevant graphics that expertly highlight the current text passage. Furthermore, it makes sense that the language style is easy to understand. The written must be easily comprehensible for the reader and individual contents must be quickly retrievable. If the annual report is later translated into the other language, this also leads to a homogeneous translation.  

What exactly is an annual report?       

An annual report shows information about the course of business of a company within a fiscal year. The letter to the shareholders, the management report, the balance sheet and the profit and loss account of a company are part of the annual financial statement. The general economic situation of the company and its strategy can also be discussed. Parallels to the situation of the industry and the competition can be clearly seen. – your professional translator for GermanEnglishFrenchSpanishItalian

The annual report is addressed to all parties involved in the company. On the one hand there are investors such as banks and shareholders, on the other hand there are employees, suppliers, customers and interested companies. If the company is active across borders, the translation of the annual report is a decisive tool for the precise communication of information.  

The translation of annual reports and financial statements is mainly required by companies, banks, insurance companies, service companies and enterprises. They come from industry, wholesale and retail. The annual report is symbolically speaking the calling card in international business transactions and therefore a sensitive and costly factor. After all, positive corporate communication is the decisive link in successful marketing.

Translation of the balance sheet

A fundamental factor for the success of a company is proper accounting with a relevant comparison of assets and capital. For this purpose, the balance sheet is prepared on a certain key date, which shows the mathematical allocation of these two variables. Many international companies benefit from a relevant translation of the balance sheet if it is to be presented to cross-border business partners or affiliated companies.

Professional translation of the balance sheet by an experienced translator

The balance sheet is therefore a final summary, containing assets on one side and liabilities on the other. The assets show the assets available to the company, the liabilities the financing of the assets in the form of equity or liabilities.

The comparison shows values that contain meaningful information about the company. As the number of companies and enterprises operating abroad continues to grow, professional translators are used for translation. They prepare for relevant technical translations in the field of economics and finance

In business life, a balance sheet is an overview of a company’s income and expenditure, drawn up according to precise criteria. It is therefore a comparison of assets and capital. It is an integral part of a company’s annual accounts. – your translator for translations into GermanEnglishFrenchSpanishItalian

The purpose of the translation of the balance sheet, annual accounts or annual report is to provide foreign shareholders, employees and creditors with a statement of the assets and liabilities of an internationally operating company.

The informative data are the starting point for future decisions of the company. Within the framework of a balance sheet and company analysis, decisive positions are taken on the future situation of the company.

Translation of the balance sheet and the profit and loss account

As the name suggests, the profit and loss account refers to the profit and loss in a given period of time. The balance sheet is used to determine profits and compares equity at the beginning and end of a fiscal year. It has an information purpose for the enterprise and facilitates the management the future course setting.

Types of balance sheets submitted for translation

A translator for economic texts such as balance sheets, in addition to linguistic skills, has extensive knowledge of annual reports and financial statements. Financial accounting documents are translated with meticulous adherence to professional terminology. Of course, the exact correspondence of figures and other data must not be disregarded.

The balance sheet may also bear the terms commercial balance sheet, annual balance sheet, consolidated financial statement. In addition, there are also balance sheets which differ according to regulations, such as the asset and tax balance sheet. The balance sheet is the financial statement of a company. The tax balance sheet is used to determine the income for income taxation in accordance with the Income Tax Act.  

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