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English to German translation of texts for websites

English to German translation of texts for websites

The texts of websites or web pages are very different from the texts of books or other literary representations. The information that the reader expects must be readily available and very accurate in terms of his ideas and requirements. They should be logically structured and presented as clearly as possible. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide the reader with informative texts written in his native language. Translated websites, such as English to German translation of texts for websites, are therefore a particular challenge. They ask a professional translator to transfer the existing content into the new language, taking into account the cultural and geographic context.

Besides English-German translation, also offers website translation in French, Spanish and Italian.

An attractive design of the site creates for a brief moment a charm for the reader. Nevertheless, the information and text content are the real factors that invite the visitor to stay longer on the homepage. At the beginning, the content of the texts should be formulated in an understandable and legible way and address the target group as soon as possible. It can only encourage the reader to continue reading if the writing style meets its requirements and understanding.

The English to German translation of texts for websites not only looks at texts and information about the company’s image, philosophy, products or services, but also includes the economic, social and cultural aspects of the target group.

The following basic principles apply to a convincing text effect of websites with multilingual text content:

  • Stylish writing and texts in the respective language variant

Would the text just inform you or advertise and sell a specific image, product or service?

  • Very good consistency of the translations with the source text

Should the new text be very close to the source text, or is a free translation necessary to bring the same information content as well as possible to the reader?

  • Sound knowledge of cultural expressions and practices

Do my texts have a more convincing effect when specific and customary phrases are used?

  • Use of specific terminology

Is it more useful to create characteristic descriptions or to use specialized terms to better promote the product?

English to German translation of texts for websites and international online shops in several languages

The translation of texts for websites and their multilingual presentation shows competence and innovation in terms of their own competitiveness. Services and products can be found better and easier abroad and thus expand the customer base.

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