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Philosophy of a good translation

Philosophy of a good translationThe Internet presence for language services and translations from French, Italian, Spanish and English to German,, pursues the idea to offer the customer and client an optimal quality of a text translation. The philosophy of a good translation considers the aspect, depending on the professional claim of the source text, to obtain a congruent formulation for the target group of the created text.

The aim of successful translation work is to achieve the best possible translation into the target language German, considering the cultural and social context of the source language French, Italian, Spanish and English. Translating is the art of transfer the text of one language in terms of content and style into another language in such a way that the reader has the same ideas and effects as the original text itself would like to produce. In intercultural communication, for example, certain conditions have to be taken into account so that misunderstandings and misinterpretations in interaction and communication cannot arise. In addition to this competence and the hermeneutics in foreign languages also discretion and confidentiality are part of the philosophy of a good translation.

The philosophy of a good translation – expertise and textual competence

If you accumulate a wealth of experience as a translator for French, Italian, Spanish, English and German over the years, you will find that text types differ greatly from each other. Even if the skills for these languages are almost perfect, you will always encounter new challenges. The formulations must be understood and adapted to the respective target language, so that the reader of this language version can also benefit from the provided information.

On the one hand, the philosophy of a good translation is to transfer the content and information of the foreign-language text in the best possible way; on the other hand, the wording of the new text should not sound unnatural. The quality of a high-quality translation thus depends not only on the transferred meaning, but also on a text version that is tailored to the future reader.

Specialized translations from French, Italian, Spanish, English and German into the target language offer the translator an interesting task. The wording of a technical text is different from that of an economic or legal text. In addition, there is the use of different terminologies and phrases that need to be understood and translated into the other language.

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