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French Translator

Do you need a translator for French and would like to have your French document or text translated professionally? Then you have found your experienced linguist and competent contact person at

Why hire a translator for French through

The translation agency is synonymous with an innovative language service, unique copywriting and in-depth linguistic expertise. Its extensive technical know-how and many years of experience in the field of translation into and from French also form a reliable overall package. The customer receives quality texts that meet his requirements and strengthen the company’s objectives. guarantees that your French or German documents will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and in strict compliance with the professional ethics of a professional translator for French.

Internationalisation through the use of a professional translator

The translation agency provides you with a reliable French translator for your translation projects. Whether it is a short-term assignment, an urgent translation or the time-consuming implementation of a large translation project, at you will find your linguistic companion with extensive expertise and language skills.

Examples of specialist areas and topics for which a translation agency for French and other languages is commissioned

  • Translation in the field of economics

Annual accounts, annual report, balance sheet, bank form, financial and economic report, stock exchange documents etc.

  • Commercial and technical translation

Website, SEO, GDPR, marketing, tourism, contract such as the sales contract, rental agreement, contract for work or the general terms and conditions, user manual, instructions for use and operation, product description, etc.

  • Legal translation

Notarial deed, conclusion, judgment, divorce, testimony, statement, contract, summons, injunctions, seizure, legal text, statutes, power of attorney, procuration, etc.

  • Medical translation

Medical report, findings, anamnesis, medical history, clinical study, package insert, information brochure, medical technology, pharmacy etc.

Information on the French language

Est-ce que vous parlez français ? French is one of the world languages and ranks sixth behind Mandarin, English, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic. The number of speakers is constantly growing, so today the language is used daily by about 300 million people in more than 50 countries. In Europe, French is the official language in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland. In addition, it is widely spoken in Canada, North, West and Central Africa, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and even in South East Asia.

Links with interesting contents about the French language (French, but also German contents)
  • Organisation internationale de la Francophonie

  • French Academy

  • Office québécois de la langue française

  • Service de la langue française