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Marketing translation

Opening up new markets through a professional marketing translation

Translating marketing texts is fundamentally different from traditional translation of commercial, legal or technical texts. It is sophisticated content with a high value for companies that want to attract new customers in new markets. The message of the target text must have the same effect as the text produced by the writer in the source language. The translation process of is designed for the high-quality marketing translation that companies can trust!

Professional marketing translation for demanding companies

A high-quality advertising message does not just convey content to a target group. The content must also be packaged by a customer-oriented style of writing and a culturally meaningful language. Only the total package of informative content and appealing style creates a relevant advertising message that will arrive at the customer.

The translation agency is your translator and writer for marketing and advertising

Due to many years of experience in the field of marketing translation as well as the creation of advertising and SEO texts for websites and online shops, is the competent partner for your individual advertising message. Especially new and innovative products and services require the right language expression in the new market to be developed abroad. The better a product has been defined in advance, the better the translation process can be guaranteed to be introduced to the new market.

The translation agency offers high-quality translations of marketing texts in the following language combinations:

  • French-German
  • Italian-German
  • English-German
  • Spanish-German
  • English-French
  • English-Spanish
  • English-Italian

The professional marketing translation: it depends on the right expression!

Which style of writing suits the marketing translation depends of course on the readership that should be addressed. It is necessary to think about the age, gender, ethnic and social affiliation as well as the educational level of the persons concerned. Or should a wide range of future customers be addressed? Then the translation falls more into the field of diversity marketing. Regardless of the type of target group, the translation agency finds the suitable words for an appealing communication with the market participants.

The area of ​​marketing translation includes the translation of:

Websites, online shops, newsletters, PDFs, brochures, advertising slogans, product catalogs, product descriptions, marketing strategies, offers, customer information, customer surveys, press releases

You would like to have your marketing text translated by a professional translator? For further information on marketing translation and an attractive and free offer, please use the contact form.