Translation in the field of law

At the translation agency you will find your expert translator for the specialist translation in the field of law

The professional legal translation requires a precise translation process and a sensitive handling of legal terms. In addition to the usual language skills of a translator, knowledge of law is also required. The legal texts are translated into the other language using legal wording. They are subject to a particularly confidential treatment and come to the translator’s desk for translations of laws, contracts, preliminary agreements, general terms and conditions, privacy policy, patents, etc.

The translation of legal texts by an experienced specialist translator

The translation agency is your contact for the preparation of a precise translation of your legal texts. Over 10 years of professional experience and the accumulated expertise in the formulation of legal texts create an accurate and reliable specialist translation in the field of law. The use of technical terms is accurately researched in the source and target languages ​​and incorporated into the text. The source texts are treated carefully and the target texts are created with high discretion. – your competent translator for technical translations in the field of law

Creating a high-quality and usable legal translation requires thorough and proven work. A high degree of discretion and compliance with the delivery dates are also in the foreground. Another quality standard of a specialist translation in the field of law by the translation agency is the back translation into the source language. The elaborated text of the target language is translated back into the source language. The advantage of this method of translation is the ability to re-examine the terminology used and the legal formulations. Thus, the customer receives a high quality of translated legal texts.

The translation of legal texts is offered in the following language combinations:

French – German, Italian – German, English – German, Spanish – German

Professional legal translations mainly concern the translation of the contract such as the contract of sale, contract of employment, lease, real estate contract and delivery contract, translation of the general terms and conditions, privacy policy, power of attorney and proxy, appeal, notarial documents, testimony, agreements, company documents , criminal charges and complaints, wills and other legal texts and articles.

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Author: Franz Hefele

Freelance translator for the languages english, french, italian, spanish and german