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Technical translation – French, Italian, English, Spanish, German

The translation agency is your translator for technical translations and all texts in the field of industry, technology, automation, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Rely on your language experts for French, Italian, English, Spanish and German for the translation of your technical documents and papers.

Sophisticated technical translations by professional translators with relevant professional experience

Over many years, the translation agency has acquired an expertise and linguistic competence in the translation of technical texts that has already generated much recognition on the market. An innovative translation concept, specially tailored to the technology and technical text sector, means that translation solutions can be offered that are geared to the customer’s requirements.

In addition to technical texts, the translation agency offers a comprehensive language service with a holistic concept. You can benefit from the linguistic expertise of a freelance translator who is dedicated to the translation of demanding technical texts.

High reliability, discretion and a professional service

Translating in the field of technology and industry requires a high degree of precision in the production of high-quality texts. The technical translator works very closely with the client’s documentation in order to achieve the most homogeneous translation result possible. Translation memory systems are used to ensure consistent translation work. In addition, subject-related glossaries are consulted and gradually expanded in order to produce a translation of the highest quality.

Translation requests are made for the following technical fields:

Translation in the field of engineering, general and special technology, railways, architecture, industry, construction and building, telecommunications, information technology, aviation, renewable energy, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

What types of text are involved in technical translation?

If a customer wishes to commission a technical translation, it usually involves the transfer of physical, chemical, biological, scientific and medical content, or content relating to the safety aspects of machinery, equipment and the construction site. The translation agency has many years of experience in the translation of safety data sheets and offers the following language combinations for this purpose:

  • French-German-French
  • Italian-German-Italian
  • English-German-English
  • Spanish-German-Spanish

Further language combinations on request.