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Price of a translation

Price for a translationIf a company wants to open new markets abroad and sell its products internationally, reliable and quality translations are a crucial step for local customer advertising. If one is aware of this measure, the question of the price of a translation will of course come into play. Finally, investing in a translation must be an added value and a good foundation for corporate goals abroad.

At you will always receive a translation offer that is just and understandable for both parties. It only makes sense if the price of a translation does justice to the quality and thus the result of the translation work. Good cooperation can only have a future if the client and the translator have the prerequisites to give a counter-value and an advantage.

Consequently, the price of a translation for the languages French, Italian, Spanish, English and German depends on the degree of difficulty, extent and nature of the text to be translated. In general, I calculate the translation prices according to the number of words in the source text (per word of the source text between 0.09 and 0.12 euros). If the number of words in the delivered text cannot be determined, since the text is e.g. scanned or photographed, I calculate the price of a translation according to the number of words in the target text. An individual agreement (fixed price, price per hour, etc.) is of course also possible.

I am happy to send you a non-binding offer for your translation from French, Italian, Spanish, English to German. Just send me your text, document or file via e-mail to You may also like to use the contact form to contact me regarding your translation. You will receive a non-binding, fair and transparent offer within a very short time.

Translation request and priceStill uncertain?

Do you have any questions or are you not sure if creating a translation would be useful for you? Then just ask for a free and non-binding test translation. This will allow you to see for yourself whether the translation is what you want or what suits your company’s goals.