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French Translator – your partner for French translations. Professional texts and top quality at fair prices! English, Italian, Spanish, German <> French.

French translations by master hands

Our services include the professional translation of texts both into and from French. We understand the importance of precise and error-free communication in various business contexts, especially when dealing with countries like France, Belgium, and Canada. As your reliable language expert, we are proud to support businesses in their international relationships.

A French translator is a master of their craft. They possess not only deep linguistic competence but also a comprehensive understanding of the cultural nuances and business norms of the target countries. This holistic approach ensures that a message is conveyed not only correctly in terms of language but also appropriately and effectively in a cultural context.

Whether you need to translate contracts, marketing materials, technical documentation, or other business documents, we are here to help. Our extensive experience allows us to cover a broad range of industries and fields of expertise. We work closely with you to ensure that the translation meets your requirements and expectations.

Our expertise extends across the entire French-speaking world. Whether you want to convey your message in French-speaking regions of Europe, North America, or elsewhere, we have the skills and resources to make it happen. From adapting your content to local preferences to ensuring compliance with legal regulations in various countries, we are your trusted partner.

Your international business relationships are too important to be hindered by language barriers. Rely on us to translate your message clearly and effectively into French, so you can achieve your goals successfully. We are proud to contribute to the success of your business in the global market.

More than 14 years of experience as a language mediator for France and beyond

Since its founding in 2008, the translation agency has been your trusted contact for top-notch French translations. At, we specialize in delivering the highest quality and precision in French translations. Our team of French translators stands out for their high qualifications and deep expertise in their respective fields. This ensures that you always receive professional French translations that seamlessly align with your specific requirements and guidelines.

Our translators are not only linguistic specialists but also experts in their respective domains. This means we understand the terminology and nuances of your specific area and can tailor your translations accordingly. Whether you need to translate technical documents, legal texts, scientific papers, marketing materials, or other documents, our team has the knowledge and resources to meet your needs.

We believe that a high-quality translation is more than just transferring words from one language to another. It should also consider the cultural nuances and specific needs of your target audience. Our translators are trained to understand not only the text but also the context, ensuring that your message is conveyed clearly, effectively, and appealingly. is proud to offer its clients not only first-class French translations but also a partnership based on trust and commitment. If you are looking for customized translation solutions that meet the highest quality standards, we are your ideal contact. We look forward to helping you with your translation needs and contributing to the successful reception of your message in the French-speaking world.

Linguistic and thematic quality – our passion

Creating French translations means tackling two challenges at once. On the one hand, the linguistic task of creating a French text that fits the respective field. Every reader is sensitive to the technical, economic, legal, or scientific understanding of a text. On the other hand, there is the content challenge, as the topic should not overwhelm the translator. Therefore, French specialized translations always employ translators with the corresponding professional know-how.

Synonymous with French translations by specialists

The translation agency stands for professional economic, technical, medical, and legal translations by experts. In addition to French translations, we also offer translations in English, Italian, Spanish, and German. Be convinced by a translation concept that propels your company forward and matches your text concept!

Why hire a French translator?

  • Linguistic accuracy: A professional translator has a comprehensive understanding of the French language, its grammar, and syntax. They can translate the text accurately without losing important information or meanings.
  • Cultural sensitivity: An experienced language mediator can also consider cultural differences and peculiarities between different French-speaking countries and regions. They understand how cultural differences can influence the text and can ensure that the text is translated appropriately and respectfully.
  • Originality: Good writers have the ability to maintain the style and tone of the original language while creating a fluid and well-readable translation in the target language. A professional text thus conveys the same tone and impact as the original.
  • Specialized knowledge: A language expert ideally has specialized knowledge in certain areas, such as medicine, technology, law, or finance. They can translate technical terms and specific terminology in the respective specialized language to ensure that the text is correctly understood.
  • Time savings: Always hire a professional! This can save time as they usually work faster and more efficiently than a non-professional person. An experienced translator has the ability to work quickly and accurately and can therefore complete a project quickly and efficiently.
  • Error prevention: A professional French translation minimizes the risk of errors that can lead to inaccurate or misunderstood translations. Errors can be costly, especially if they lead to legal or financial problems.

French translator for French texts


  • Translations by experts: We translate documents, websites, videos, presentations, and other texts into different languages. Professional and reliable. And for more than 15 years.
  • Proofreading and editing: Rely on comprehensive proofreading and editing services. This way, you receive error-free translations written in an impeccable style.
  • Interpreting: Translation agencies can also offer interpreting services, where interpreters are present at meetings, conferences, or other events and interpret simultaneously or consecutively.
  • Localization: Localization involves adapting a translation to the cultural specifics and preferences of the target audience, e.g., by adjusting colors, images, and texts to local conditions and cultural differences.
  • Terminology: We are specialists in technical terms in the fields of economics, technology, medicine, law, and justice. We work with specific terminology that has been developed through a proven translation process and follows a high standard. TM systems are used for high accuracy and consistency.
  • Project management: We work on small, medium, and large projects with the highest precision and adherence to professional ethics. This ensures that translation projects are carried out efficiently and on time. Through an optimized process, budgets, deadlines, and quality standards are always met.
  • Formatting: The translated documents, brochures, or websites can be correctly adjusted in terms of layout, design, and formatting. Thus, the client has virtually no work to do in terms of text design.
  • Search engine optimization: A professional translation agency like offers SEO translations. This way, your translated web content is search engine optimized and will be found by a larger target audience.