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Translation of websites

The Internet is growing through its information content and multilingual content is gaining more and more attention from businesses and website operators. The translation of websites provides cross-border content. This increases the number of readers and, in parallel, the ranking in the search engines. Internet users in other countries are reached and the content of the websites is made available to several people.

The translation of websites for the enhancement of your own content

The international dissemination of information increases the added value of websites. At some point, every administrator asks himself why he only wants to reach readers in his own country. Translating content into several languages is the best way to reach readers from abroad. However, it is important to ensure that the translation is of the right quality. Many website operators rely on simple machine translation. It offers no real added value and is quickly uncovered by the reader.  The value of the content in another language can only be increased if a professional translator and SEO writer is hired.   

A professional translation of websites and their content is important for website operators who also want to present their offers and services to people in other countries and provide information.

Web pages are one or more HTML documents that together form a website. They can be accessed with the help of an Internet browser and the corresponding URL (Internet address). Tools for the layout and for other extensions of the website are e.g. CSS and PHP. – your website translator for German, English, French, Spanish and Italian

An experienced translator is required so that the interested party can stay on the website for a long time and can also use the information. These are people who translate the content of the text into the other language in compliance with certain SEO criteria. Machine translation of web pages provides only useless results with inadequate technical terminology and keywords. Particularly in the case of in-depth content such as the translation of a user manual, a contract or the general terms and conditions, the statements made in the translation can no longer be used. 

Language versions through a professional translation of websites for an international readership

If you rely on the work of a professional translator, you will build up a large readership and thus considerably expand your clientele. After all, the success of a website depends on the number of visitors and the quality of the information provided.

Are you interested in translating the content of your website? Or would you like more information on the subject of website translation? Contact me via the contact form. You will receive an answer to your request within a short time.