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Medicine-Pharmacy – French, Italian, English, Spanish, German

The translation agency is the expert for medical and pharmaceutical translations of French, Italian, English, Spanish and German. A specialised translator for medical and pharmaceutical texts provides high-quality translations of your documents, expert reports, studies, patient information, instructions for use and package inserts.

Trustworthy translation in the field of medicine and pharmacy

A technically demanding translation requires an experienced translator with dual expertise in the field of medicine and pharmacy. On the one hand, he must have the linguistic skills of a specialist translator who has a perfect command of his language combination. In addition, he knows the peculiarities of the other language in a medical context. On the other hand, he must have a sound knowledge of medicine so that he applies the medical vocabulary and terminology accurately. He understands the medical terms in the languages offered and can correctly assign them. This results in a trustworthy medical and pharmaceutical translation for doctors, patients, pharmacists and the pharmaceutical industry.  

Discretion and confidentiality at the translation agency

A language expert working on a medical-pharmaceutical translation is characterised by extremely conscientious and precise translating. He should translate as close as possible to the text, know the medical abbreviations and have gained in-depth experience in a medical and/or pharmaceutical profession. Only in this way can he assign the medical contexts and create documentation that provides the doctor, clinic staff, patient or pharmacist with the necessary information.

Which documents are processed in a medical translation?

Every reputable translation agency knows the sensitivity of a medical-pharmaceutical translation. The documents to be translated are of particular importance and have characteristics that require respectable handling during the translation work.

The following is a small list of possible texts that find their way to a medical and pharmaceutical translator:  
  • Doctor’s report and reports on medical rounds, anamnesis and referral.
  • Laboratory examination and hospitalisation report
  • Instructions for use of pharmaceutical and medical devices
  • Marketing authorisation of medical products and medicines
  • Study and research reports, patents, guidelines and standards
  • Scientific articles and medical-pharmaceutical publications
  • Texts on medical law and scientific papers

The translation agency is distinguished by its professional translation service, which produces first-class texts in the language mediation sector. Especially when it comes to translating your pharmaceutical documents, you can rely on a specialised translator with many years of experience in dealing with sensitive data and texts in the pharmaceutical industry.

Translations are carried out in the following medical and pharmaceutical fields

Haematology, immunology, histology, orthopaedics, psychiatry, general medicine, neurology, oncology, virology, toxicology, rheumatology, surgery, ophthalmology, laboratory medicine, nuclear medicine, radiology, urology, anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, etc.