Tourism translation – French, Italian, English, Spanish, German

Do you work in the travel industry, manage a tourism office or hold a leading position in sales services and are looking for a translator for your tourism texts, information brochures and websites? The translation agency can provide you with attractive tourism translations in French, Italian, English, Spanish and German at attractive rates. Let us send you an individual offer today.

Convincing texts for relevant tourism translation

Tourism continues to be on the upswing and the increase in international guests is experiencing a real boom. Travelling has become synonymous with affluence and lifestyle, which is underlined by online services such as Instagram and Facebook. More and more people are taking the opportunity to share their photos and videos of the best time on social networks. This creates new impressions and arouses interest in discovering new travel destinations.

People use the internet to follow up on flight or train connections, browse hotels and accommodation options and search for local events to get as much information as possible about their next trip. The tourism industry can make particularly good use of this curiosity and create great added value for its foreign guests by having its content professionally translated.

Who needs a translation in the field of tourism and travel?

Tourism is one of the major economic sectors and a reliable employer for a large number of people. It represents an outstanding economic factor, especially in the important Mediterranean holiday countries such as France, Spain and Italy.

The internationalisation of tourism offers is an important aspect to attract customers abroad. Therefore, many providers and intermediaries in the travel industry specifically focus on translating the content of their websites and brochures.

What types of text are processed in tourism translation?

The aim of translating tourism texts is to convince the foreign consumer of the content on offer. Attractive translations must be created that do not rely on a simple literal translation. The tourism translator creates added value for the marketing of all enterprises in the field of tourism, leisure and travel through convincing texts.

The first step will be the translation of the website, creating high quality SEO texts and engaging content. In addition, the translation of the brochure, flyer or leaflet from French, Italian, English, Spanish and German is another factor of customer acquisition.

Translation of Terms and Conditions – French, Italian, English, Spanish, German

Through the translation agency, you can find your translator for the translation of your contractual terms and conditions and the successful conclusion of agreements with your contractual partner. You can rely on your linguist for French, Italian, English, Spanish and German and on high-quality texts that the contracting party understands.

The reliable translation of the Terms and Conditions for a successful business transaction

International agreements set the framework conditions for corporate strategies on the global market. They create the necessary trust on the side of the contracting parties and regulate the scope of action of the activity. The translation of the Terms and Conditions belongs to the legal field of professional translation work. It therefore represents an enormous challenge for the translation agency and the commissioned translator. A high level of legal knowledge must be available and there must be a good understanding of foreign legal terms.

The translator of the general terms and conditions has experience with the cultural conditions of the respective country and can correctly assign the technical terms. He or she creates an equivalent translation that reflects the character of the original text. The expert for the translation of the Terms and Conditions finds the equivalent terminology through relevant glossaries or can write paraphrases on a legal basis which are equivalent to the meaning of the original text.

The translation agency – For a feeling of trust between international business partners

The discreet and confidential handling of the client’s documents is one of the maxims of the translation agency The translator for the terms and conditions is familiar with the sensitive characteristics of legal translation and through his work achieves the necessary transparency between foreign business partners, whether in the B2B or B2C sector. In addition, the potential customer feels more comfortable on the company’s website if he or she can see the general conditions for the purchase of products and services. The native language translation of the general terms and conditions and the contractual clauses overcomes the language barrier and facilitates the understanding and interpretation of the agreement beyond the borders of the own country.    

The translator offers the translation of the Terms and Conditions in the following language combinations:
  • French – German
  • Italian – German
  • English – German
  • Spanish – German

Further language combinations on request