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Translator-translations – your language expert and specialized translator for French, Italian, English, Spanish and German. Innovative language services guarantee high quality and confidentiality at a transparent and comprehensible price.

Methods of the translation agency

The translator of stands for top quality and an appealing text concept with regard to the translation of your texts. He uses advanced technical tools from the translation industry such as multilingual data management, terminology databases, innovative translation assistance programs and translation memory systems. He is a specialist in his field, such as economics, medicine, law or technology, either through specific training or through many years of experience. The professional translator has a profound knowledge of the languages French, Italian, English, Spanish and German and translates exclusively into his or her mother tongue.

At you will find the translator you trust

Through the translation agency, you will find a personal service for a trustful cooperation with your translator. Customers appreciate the willingness to engage in constant dialogue and constructive communication for the best possible translation of your files and documents. You can reach your translator conveniently by e-mail or contact him or her personally by telephone, so that your wishes and objectives can be implemented in the best possible way.

Adapted translations for targeted company projects

The translator of is an accomplished linguist and expert with many years of experience in the translation industry. Access to an international network and the use of a tried and tested translation concept allow for the creation of high-quality texts at a high level. The result is professional translations that meet the business requirements and the needs of the consumer.

Examples of sectors and documents that find their way to a professional translator

  • Financial Translation

Annual accounts, annual report, balance sheet, bank form, financial and economic report, stock exchange documents, etc.

  • Commercial and technical translation

Website, SEO, GDPR, marketing, contract such as the sales contract, rental agreement, contract for work or the general terms and conditions, user manual, instructions for use and operation, product description etc.

  • Legal translation

Notarial deed, conclusion, judgment, divorce, testimony, statement, contract, summons, injunctions, seizure, legal text, statutes, power of attorney, procuration, etc.

  • Medical translation

Medical report, findings, anamnesis, medical history, clinical study, package insert, information brochure, medical technology, pharmacy etc.

The translation agency is your specialist and translator for the following language combinations:

  • French – German
  • Italian – German
  • English – German
  • Spanish – German
  • English – French
  • English – Italian
  • English – Spanish

You need the translation of another language pair? Your request via the contact form will be answered promptly.

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