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Those who have their documents translated into German benefit from real added value. They participate in an international exchange that is not only interesting for companies.

Professional translation into German

A German translator who works professionally is confronted every day with different texts that need to be translated into German. In many cases, these are contracts, notarial documents, general terms and conditions, data protection regulations, operating instructions, etc. In short, texts from the economic, technical and legal fields. And it is precisely in these scientific fields that he must develop a profound insight. Only in this way can he acquire the necessary routine that makes successful translation work possible.

Translations into and from German

Once the translator has achieved this routine and gained enough professional experience over the years, he has become familiar with essential aspects of English, American and German culture. On this basis, he can offer translations that sound like a professionally written text. This is because he does not use the wording of a translator, but that of an author and copywriter.

This is an essential difference, especially for marketing and advertising texts. But clear and easily understandable sentences are also an added value for the consumer in technical texts such as operating instructions. Which in this context also strengthens the company’s image.

The German translator:

The translation agency has been producing high-quality texts for English, American, Canadian and German companies for many years. Documents are translated into and from German on a daily basis. The translator focuses on the client’s wishes so that a text is created that brings an advantage. After all, the company wants its ideas and developments to appear positively on the German-speaking market.

For the implementation, the translation agency has developed an independent concept that does not lose sight of the target group during the translation process. Thus, nothing stands in the way of the developed marketing strategy and the insightful exchange of information in the B2B and B2C sectors.

German translator

The German translator is a linguist of the German language who translates a foreign-language text into his mother tongue. This can be a language such as French, Italian, English or Spanish. The language experts work on a freelance or on a permanent basis and are active in various sectors of the business world. The professional translation of documents from French, Italian, English and Spanish overcomes the language barrier for companies and guarantees smooth communication.

Internationalization through competent translations

The demand for high-quality technical translations into German is no longer a rarity these days. Many companies are involved on an international level. They want to win new customers and are looking for new sales markets abroad. The professional German translator plays a decisive role in this. Through his translations, he expands the company’s ability to act and its entrepreneurial scope. Contracts have to be translated into the other language, marketing strategies have to be extended and the own website has to be optimized for the potential customer. Translators and interpreters are also used for the internal and external communication of companies. Business correspondence often requires translation by an experienced linguist with relevant professional experience.

What exactly is “translating” and how does it differ from “interpreting”?

Translation involves transferring a source text into the target text in the desired language. The translator usually receives the texts in written form in a file format such as PDF, TXT, XLS, JPEG, GIF, as a PowerPoint file, as a Word file or as a printout. The created translation is corrigible and can be checked by another translator through so-called proofreading. Interpreting, on the other hand, is the process of translating sentences that are only available for a short time from one language into another. Interpreters are therefore usually used to translate the spoken word during oral negotiations or interviews. 

The translation agency for perfect text formulation

Being able to accept and process orders as a professional language mediator means more than just mastering one or more languages. The subtlety in the art of translation does not only lie in understanding the other language. The know-how in text design and the application of a professional wording in the target language are a decisive factor for the professionalism of the translator.

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